All hardware and lighting fixtures are finished products and care should be taken to protect them, especially during painting and staining. Homeowner maintenance is required. The homeowner should make sure not to use abrasive products (i.e. laquer thinner, solvents, cleaners and cleaning solutions, etc.) to clean the hardware and light fixtures. It should be understood that the natural chemicals in your body will cause a breakdown of the finish in time. It should be understood that there will be color variations within finishes.

Any hardware or light fixtures with a protective coating will gradually tarnish and eventually take on an antique appearance. Atmospheric conditions, direct sunlight, caustic agents such as cleaners, or scratches from contact with sharp objects may cause the protective coating to crack or peel, exposing the natural material, causing spotting and discoloration. The integrity of the surface under such conditions of exposure is not warranted. Initial care for these products requires only periodic cleaning with mild non-abrasive soap and light buffing with a soft cloth.

Regarding breakage of glass in light fixtures, it should noted that such breakage is the responsibility of the manufacturer only until acceptance of delivery. Upon delivery, it is the owner’s responsibility.

Common Defects or Problems:

  1. Finish on hardware or lighting fixture wears off
  2. Locks do not work
  3. Lights or fans do not work.

1. Common Defect or Problem – Finish on hardware or lighting fixture wears off.

Performance Standard – If the defect is caused by products such as lacquer, stain or varnish that was applied by the builder’s subcontractor, the builder would be responsible for correcting.

Builder Repair Responsibility – To the extent provided in the building contract, the builder is to perform the initial backfilling. Where the builder is not responsible by contract for finish grade or landscaping, the builder shall not be responsible for normal settling of backfilled or trenched areas. Lines installed by the Builder that settle excessively shall be repaired by the builder during the first year.

Owner’s Responsibility – If the defect was caused by the builder’s subcontractor, the builder is to replace or repair. If due to natural causes or negligence on the part of the homeowner, the builder would not be responsible.

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2. Common Defect or Problem – Locks do not work.

Performance Standard – All locks must work. Builder Repair Responsibility – Builder to view lock to verify if it was installed properly. A faulty lock is covered by the manufacturer’s one-year warranty.

Builder is responsible for installation.

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3. Common Defect or Problem – Lights or fans do not work.

Performance Standard – Wiring to fixture must be operative.

Builder Repair Responsibility – Builder is to repair defective wiring to lights and fans. If it is found that the fixture is inoperative, it would fall under a manufacturer’s warranty. If the fixture was owner supplied, the owner will be responsible for the cost of the service call.

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